• Auberge d'Hauterive

    Rue de la Croix-d'Or 9, Hauterive, Switzerland .

    Opposite the hotel is the Auberge d'Hauterive, known for its fine and refined cuisine, please reserve your table in advance.

  • Creux du Van

    Creux du Van, Gorgier, Switzerland .

    Probably the most spectacular place in our region that you should not miss, also known as "The Grand Canyon of Switzerland".For more information:

  • Gorge de l'Areuse

    Gorges de l'Areuse, Chemin des Clées, Boudry, Switzerland .

    A picturesque site that offers a bold and seductive walk in the heart of refreshing gorges. For more information:

  • Tourist Card

    Croix d'or 20 .

    During your stay you travel free of charge on public transport throughout the canton of Neuchâtel. Most museum admissions are free and much more. You will receive your Tourist Card upon arrival.